Kundalini Initiator - Kundalini Cycle - Hollywood, CA
Kundalini Initiator - The Greening and Growing of Self
Stairway to Heaven
Which takes place in the Kingdom of Heaven WITHIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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 Kundalini Cycle 
The False and Teenage belief that holding an erection for FOUR hours is misleading!!! And is so very damaging to MEN!!! How much damage are you men doing to your vascular system? YOUR Heart? YOUR Prostate?
The healthy Kundalini Cycle FLOWS from a genital oriented aspect to a deeper, inward, whole-body and multi-enjoyable experience. Conditioning the male nervous system to an inward and upward flow moves the Chi away from the one-pointed focus on the Root/Base Chakra to the growth of a MATURE whole and Evolutionary Integral Enlightened nervous system.  Moving to condition this whole-body parasympathetic relaxation response is the Evolutionary Path of the Enlightened MAN. This response has it's own set of fireworks and engages more of the Nervous System.
This conditioning grows the Kundalini Cycle into a powerful generator...
launching your process
to integrate the true function of the Prostate Gland.
How does this take place?
By conditioning the vagus nerve to respond via the "female" internal parasympathetic response creating an upward and inward orgasmic response. This is the evolutionary response that is conditioned during my state training sessions. In essence, maturing the nervous system into a more refined and advanced response.
Once this heat is expended, directed inward and upward into the whole body a quieting or resting stage is needed. Then if one chooses you may flow again into the heating/charging stage of the Kundalini Cycle without having expended fluids or chi outwardly. This cycling flow grows and continuously matures the nervous system, opens the heart and integrates and stimulates the more advanced alchemical functions of the brain
 If one contiunously... 
"pulls the plug on the bathtub"
of the jing being generated in the base and stored in the Tan Tien/Core there is no growth! How could there be? Effectively?
Many Men grow OLD, But few GROW UP....OR Evolve especially if your conservative heritage limits your ability to explore new territory.
New ways of thinking,
Expand into new ways of DOing.
Just know how to pray? Only Read.... scripture?
Have you learned the divine difference?
Or divert your divinity by investing time in watching PORN?
The Maturing of the nervous system grows and greens the functioning of the Shen aspect of consciousness. During these Kundalini Activation sessions One learns to separate the ejaculation response from the orgasmic response and to condition the inward and upward movement of chi a more Full Human Consciousness can be developed. It is this fullness, this platform of developed Ching/Jing that makes for a stable extension and construction into the higher, more subtle fields of awareness. One must mature the physical body, purify and integrate the emotional body to be able to extend into the causal body.
The maturation of the Kundalini Cycle gains one access to this
 Stairway to Heaven...
By heating/charging the base chakra and directing this heat=Chi upward and inward a more mature Alchemical reaction is fostered. This path
of integrating the mature Kundalini Cycle into male sexuality aids
 the maturation of the nervous system. The continuous
downward and outward immature focus of
gaining immediate gratification fails
to develop the more sophisticated,
mature responses of an
 Enlightened Man.
These are the Arts of the Enlightened Man or
                                     Jade Dragon.
Jade Dragon
Ashoka, The White Tigress