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 This ancient art of activation works to purify and process one's obscurations. This Path of  the 
Red Lion
is not for everyone, for narrow is the path and straight is the Gate. These are White Tantra offerings. These practices require a  level of dedication and                                                                        commitment. 
The Path of the White Tigress                     
             Ashoka  Ishaya
    The White Tigress
"Everyone is selfish and has desires. If we wish to rid ourselves of selfish desires, we must first engage in self-examination and then we must purify and empty ourselves. If we can understand ourselves, overcome ourselves, learn TO BE...content and persevere,
then we will have attained the Tao."                             
                           --Lao Tzu
"The effects of purification of the nervous system become more and more evident as the...
Heårt and Mïnd
come into alignment, producing a constant state of inner stillness and clarity. With practice and over time the purified nervous system produces the fruits of Enlightenment."
                              --Hsi Lai
My long-term meditation practice has offered me the platform to attain as the Taoist label it 
 or in Vedic Scripture the
Nectar of Immortality. 
In the last months (July 2012) this drip has begun to flow as a 
River of Bliss down the Back of my throat. It feels much like the feeling of when you have a nose bleed. But the fluid is not blood flowing, it is the chemicals produced from advanced Stage Development.
 In biblical terms this phenomenon is the opening of the Sixth Seal.
After years of meditation, This manna started dripping and flowing in 2009, this Nectar of Immortality now keeps steadily dripping down my throat. This River of Bliss is now purifying my sacred vessel, healing all of my organs, mental and emotional obscurations allowing me to eventually be able to exist on light and oxygen. Imagine that....manna from Heaven... no longer needing to rely on food. Vegetarian, Fruitarian, and then Breatharian. 
It is my joy and obligation to share this most high attainment with you and to encourage and initiate others to attain this most glorious Natural Stage of Development. The Immortal Jing Cycle is the last of the Jing cycles in the Chinese Medical Model.
 In addition to these physical and pranayama practices, I teach Meditation and offer a full Coaching regimen to my clients which can address many arenas of context.
To support the activation of the Immortal Jing Cycle in all long-term meditators who are capable of this Great Work. 
Vegetarian, Fruitarian, Watarian, Breatharian
To solve World Hunger and To create Everlasting Life....in this generation.    The final stage of the development of the Immortal Jing Cycle is the transformation of the physical body into a light body that is sustained by  extracting prana from the surround.
Ashoka, The White Tigress
  San Jose'    Santa Cruz   
Los Angeles
San Diego and surrounding areas 
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Ishaya Integral Coaching is dedicated to creating
Peace on Earth....Enlightened Civilization
 in OUR lifetime by activating the Immortal Jing Cycle in as many who are willing and able to engage in this 
It can be done, if enough people do their own WORK of purification.
One heart at a time.
All true Teachings point the finger back at your own HEART... MSI.
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